Saturday, May 29, 2010

Plans for Summer

Ah! Summer is finally here. At first I could only smell it but now I can actually taste it! My freshman year went by fast for me and I'm kinda sad I'll never be able to be a freshman again! It was a really fun and exciting year. But so far, summer has been amazing. I seriously can't wait to get tan because the only tan I have had, for a year pretty much, has been a fake bake or spray tan! Trust me, they can get really annoying when you are trying to scrub it off in the shower and you look like you have a disease when you go to school! Maybe I'll put some input on tanning somewhere else in this blog.... Anyways here are some things I'm excited to do this summer:
1. get tan
2. find some hott boys
3. eat mac&cheese shrimp
4. play with my best friend Tana everyday
5. be on the BYU ballroom team
6. go to Lake Powell
7. make music videos while driving in the car
8. hopefully convince my mom to let me drive alot
9. watch LOST!! ya
I use to make fun of people who blogged because I thought they were kind of weird. Actually that was like a couple of days ago. But now I'm gonna try it out so we'll see how it goes!

1 comment:

  1. haha shay rae.
    mac and cheese shrimp. DEFINITE YES. also cafe paesan and shave ice sometime soon. We will get tan together.

    my favorite part of your blog? "i used to make fun of people who blogged..that was like a couple of days ago" it was more like an hour ago!! i love you girl