Monday, May 31, 2010

Inside Jokes

Me and my bestest friend ever, Tana Mina Kim, have a lot of inside jokes that has happened to us. There are so many I probably won't remember them all so I might have to add later on as time goes by:
Please stop calling me
You're hott!
From left to right. CRAP!
Hold hands...pause.. start skipping in sync
awkward touches
music videos in the car
She's Asian right?
What's up TM?!
Drop him. Drop him like its hot
He's such a hot dog, not the good kind
The hatch!
Wait you like Gib and Gib likes you right?
Borders hot chocolate
Cute shay.. smash(throw it away)
random picture!!
people in Ethiopia would drink that in a heart beat, if they're still alive...
Shay-Wait is the barbecue chicken really good? Lauren-Ya.Shay- Ok I'll have pepperoni
I can't decide what to wear. Either this REALLY REALLY SUPER CUTE
jacket or this one other thing
Arnold Schwarsnigger
your the light of my life, the sun to my tan, and the gloss to my lips
Shay-did they kiss? Tana-ya. Shay-that's disgusting.Tana- why? Shay-that means i kissed her too
Tana-he's so nice. Shay-you like him?!
Play him like a deck of cards
"check out my bum" song
ding ding ding DONG!
shorts over shorts
bikinis on top
Shay- that's what she said! Tana- no that's what shay said!
That is only a small part of all of our fun and I'm so excited to have more!!! I love you Tana!:)

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